Black Poplar Mushroom (Agrocybe aegerita)


Finely chopped and stir fried has a desirable sweet nutty flavor. 

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12cc Liquid Culture Syringe

Cultivation Difficulty: Moderate
Type: Edible
Substrate: hardwood chips and sawdust, hardwood logs
Colonization/Fruiting Temperatures: 70-80F/50-60F 

 Black Poplar has a mellow flavor when young. Finely chopped and stir fried has a desirable sweet nutty flavor. Growing prolifically on deciduous wood debris, forming large clusters in nature and when grown indoors. Does well on supplemented oak and alder sawdust/chips. It combines well in pasta, risotto, and meat dishes. The pioppino is a highly prized wild mushroom found primarily on or around poplar trees, however it is also easy to cultivate at home.

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